Wecome to our new ECE building blog

Welcome to our new blog. With this we will give more timely updates on the status of the building. Where possible, we will include guest postings from individuals who have more knowledge about upcoming topics with the new ECE building.

One thing you can look for in the future on these pages is a new time-lapse video. You may have seen our video for construction of January through March. We are at work on a new video that will encapsulate the first six months of construction.

We hope that you will use the comments capability of this blog to give us your feedback. We want to keep all our alumni and friends informed, but being so close to the project, we may not know what you want to know. Tell us if there’s something you want more information on.

And you don’t have to agree with everything that’s going on with the building or with what we post. However, remember that generally accepted levels of civility will be enforced.