Water leak in new ECE building

Last week we learned that a leak had occurred near the new ECE building. The leak was discovered on Sunday, January 6, in an area that was being prepped to tie the new building in to the University’s chilled water system.The basement of the new building received a large amount of water, as reported in the News-Gazette.

Repairs to the pipe were made on Sunday, and the source of the leak has been fixed. The scheduled work to the chilled water system was also completed at that time. At this point, the specific cause of the leak has not been determined, but we expect no recurrence of this problem.

Because the water that leaked into the building was from the campus cooling loop and has anticorrosion treatment, it has to be removed to the sanitary system, even though it is nontoxic. The removal was been coordinated with the Sanitary District, which set the rate of removal. The amount of water that leaked into the basement meant that it would take most of the week to remove it.

It is expected that the basement will be assessed early this week.