SmithGroup presents 100% drawings

SmithGroup presented the 100% drawings to the department in September. What this means is that the plans for every aspect of the exterior and interior of the building have been put to paper. Four large 48 X 36 inch books ranging in size from 107 to nearly 200 pages give a view into the details that will be the future home of ECE.

On September 24, a meeting was held to carefully review these drawings. Some alterations to these plans may still be made as faculty and staff review these final plans to ensure that such things as the number and position of electrical and computer outlets are sufficient for our current and anticipated future needs.

A small celebration was held following this meeting. Members of the University community gathered together to mingle and express their hopes and expectations for this new ECE building.

Though the celebration was enjoyable, we all know that this building still needs all of ECE’s alumni and friends to do their bit to bring these plans to life.  We urge you to be a part of creating the next stage of the legacy of ECE. To contribute to the Building Campaign for ECE ILLINOIS, you can donate online at If you would be interested in making a pledge over five years, contact Beth Katsinas, Director of Advancement, at or (217) 265-6285.