New ECE auditorium will offer comfort, good visibility

For years, the Everitt 151 lecture room has been the location for ECE ILLINOIS’ large lectures and events. The new building’s auditorium will be a vast improvement over Everitt’s facilities, offering more seating, increased visibility, and a better environment to its guests.

The new building’s auditorium will seat up to 400 individuals, making it the largest auditorium on the engineering campus. Careful attention has been made to enhance the viewing experience from any of the seats. A slightly sloped floor will make it easier to see even in the back rows of the auditorium.

In order to remedy the need for visually obstructive pillars in an auditorium so spacious, the floors above the auditorium have been designed to require less support from the first floor. The second and third floors are suspended and supported from above, leaving the first-floor auditorium free from the burden of their weight.


The auditorium as of March 13, 2014. The grooves in the floor will become the air ducts for each seat. Click the photo to see more from a recent building tour.

Natural light will shine through windows on three sides of the auditorium. A high-tech shading system will facilitate better viewing of presentations using a triple projection system, which is capable of displaying images on three surfaces simultaneously in the auditorium. Air vents heat and cool at the foot of each seat, a system that will lead to both an improved student experience and increased energy efficiency.

Taking advantage of these advanced features, the students, alumni, and guests who visit the auditorium will find it to be an ideal location for ECE events of all kinds.