Faculty test new building office prototype

Office mock up

As mentioned in the previous post about the mock-ups, testing systems before implementation is an invaluable planning technique. That testing process goes beyond the architectural, big-picture aspects of the building: the future building office furniture is being tested by faculty to ensure lasting quality. Providing faculty with a positive work environment enhances focus and performance. In the faculty lounge of Everitt Laboratory, ECE faculty got the chance to test out a prototype of their future offices.

Jeannette Beck, assistant to the department head, explains the differences between this mock-up office and the final product. “Based on feedback from the faculty, we’ve made some changes. The desk will be an ‘L’ instead of a single surface and that eliminates the side table. Bookshelves will be 72” high, the white board wall will be relocated near the office entrance, and there will be a chalk board option as well.”

Office mock up

Because of the detailed feedback, there is one less thing to worry about when the building opens. “It was a good exercise to have the mock-up available to receive input making the office arrangement even better!” Beck said. Close and careful attention even to small-picture aspects like this helps ensure a smooth transition to the new building when it is complete.